Strong Data Capture & Real-Time Processing Capacity

  • Massive data-enabled innovative risk management
  • Big data collection and processing technology

Data capture complexity is beyond imagination

  • Vast amount of data: 880TB+
  • Processing performance: 220,000 times/second
  • True & false:
      • 50+ proprietary mining models of business verticals
      • 70+ black lists
  • Multiple dimensions:
      • 100 profile dimensions
      • 10000+ Basic tags
  • Intensive and sparse processing
      • Sparsely processing low-value data
      • Intensively processing high-value data
  • Diverse sources
      • Contributed by users
      • Third-party data
      • Data on user behaviors

Information Personal

Identity: (ID card, photo)

Personal credit: (financial institutions and others)

Educational / Vocational background: (school, employer, salary)

Bank card:  (card information and transaction information)

Internet: (consumption, behaviour)

Blacklist: (financial institutions, courts, others)

Newsletter: (surfing online, detailed list, bills)

Contact info: (address, phone, email)