You Want – We Share

Established in 2014, Weshare Group (the group) upholds the vision of utilizing the big data to drive the globalization of financial services and is always committed to better connecting the world with technology driven by its continuous exploration of the fintech frontiers and innovation in areas such as big data and artificial intelligence (AI).

Adhering to three strategies of empowered, connective and overseas business, the group has accomplished the layout in six business segments, including smart wealth, consumer installment loan, digital finance, financial supermarket, Weshare Cloud and overseas business and helps its clients get convenient and efficient financial services on more than 10 platforms, such as Lightning Borrowing, Weshare Wealth, Zhang Buy Mall, Dana Rupiah (Indonesia), iDong (Vietnam), PondoPeso (Philippines) and Восход Деньги (Russia).

After five years of development, Weshare Group has become the diversified intelligent financial technology group, owning more than 30 million registered users, which has achieved the full coverage of the entire fintech value chain.

Weshare Culture


Technology and big data promote the globalization of financial services


Satisfy your needs, and share the happiness


Young with attitude

Development History

  • Oct. 2014

    Weshare Financial was created,Lightning Borrowing and Lightning Wealth 1.0 version was launched

  • Mar. 2015

    Received close to US$10 mm financing from China Payment Limited and other domestic investors

    Mar. 2015

  • 2016

    Feb. 2016

    Weshare Wealth Management was established

    Mar. 2016

    Weshare Financial became one of the first council member units of National Internet Finance Association of China

    Nov. 2016

    Obtained strategic investment from famous large financial groups

    Dec. 2016

    Enabled over one million transactions in a single month

  • 2017

    May 2017

    Weshare Financial brand upgrading, renamed to Weshare Financial Services

    Aug. 2017

    Opened the first subsidiary overseas in Indonesia

    Sep. 2017

    Registered users exceeded 20 million

    Nov. 2017

    Revised total borrowing charges (inclusive of interest and fee) to  below 36%


  • 2018

    Jan. 2018

    Zhang Buy Mall, an online scenario-based installment loan product was launched

    Feb. 2018

    iDong was launched in Vietnam

    May 2018

    Announced Weshare Group’s new strategic planning

    Aug. 2018

    Entered the Russian market

    Oct. 2018

    Launched a special loan program to help those affected by the P2P platform collapse

  • 2019

    Jan. 2019

    Восход Деньги was launched in Russia

    Mar. 2019

    Entered the Indian market

    May 2019

    Entered the Kenya market

    Jun. 2019

    Weshare Wealth 3.0 version was launched



Three Pillars

Weshare Financial

A leading information service platform to provide efficient and easily accessible financial services and solutions for different groups

Weshare Technology

Promote the full development of Internet finance by providing an open cloud-based platform

Weshare Wealth

An intermediary information platform for online lending