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Six Business Segments

Smart Wealth

Weshare Wealth has built an easy-to-use mobile Internet platform underpinned by its prudential risk control system and professional services. Thanks to the superior matching capabilities between borrowers and lenders, users can gradually accumulate health and improve their lives through our platform.

Consumer Loan Installment

With the aim to match finance with the diversity of the real economy, Weshare Group created many consumption scenarios and launched multiple online platforms to provide users with installment loans for shopping.

Digital Finance

Weshare Group created a mobile-based “light” model to offer more users with digital financial services and significantly improved the experience for Internet finance users.

Financial Supermarkets

Guided by the philosophy of creating an open and shared Internet, Weshare Group that offers users with one-stop borrowing information and credit card applying.

Weshare Cloud

Thanks to its strong big data-enabled risk management and cloud computing capabilities, Weshare Group was the first among peers to launch a SaaS platform for micro finance. It allows all players to take part in the consumer finance ecosystem including funding, technology, client, data and scenario. Synergies created thereof can reduce transaction cost and improve service efficiency for the whole industry.

Overseas Presence

In 2017, Weshare Group established its first overseas subsidiary in Jakarta (Indonesia) in order to compete in the international market. So far, Weshare Group has built localized Internet financial service platforms in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, Russia, India, Kenya and Nigeria.

Business Features and Strengths

Robotic process automation

The business process was quickly digitized, thanks to the pure online automated process

Strong Data Capture & Real-Time Processing Capacity

Massive data-enabled innovative risk management

Big data collection and processing technology

Cross-business Smart Decision-making Engine

Full suite of services

Smart decision-making engine

Mobile Financial Business Architecture, Highly Scalable

Automatic deployment – Operation maintenance monitoring server – Real-time replication – Regular backup -Payment Credit investigation

High Availability Architecture, Ensuring Top Service Capacity

Capacity: Data query, Risk identification, Data storage, Credit approval certification systems, Data capture

Customizable Rulai Risk Management Model

Build over 10 anti application fraud models with our own data and by working with third-party credit investigators, and accumulated strong anti-fraud and filtering capabilities

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